How 5G Network and Artificial Intelligence can Benefits us

How 5G Network and Artificial Intelligence Benefits us?There has been a lot of buzz about 5G networks and artificial intelligence.How is the 5G Network and Artificial Intelligence (AI) benefit us today in the world we are living in?You are here because you probably want to know the relationship between 5G and Artificial Intelligence. And also want to know about 5G network danger!Then you are in the right place.In this blog post, we shall indulge you by trying to ease your mind on what the 5G network is. How it is related to Artificial Intelligence and how you can benefit from it.Then to why the 5G network danger is a complete hoax. Internet user feels excited with 5G networks over the 4G network. What causes 5G excitement?Probably is the speed and also coverageFifth-generation of communication networks comes with the mindset of connecting people, things, animals, share data, share information, connect public transportation with home and people, connect homes and other infrastructures,…

Why Businesses needs Artificial Intelligence

Why Businesses needs Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence (AI) has real-world business applications.By capitalizing on AI business applications we can increase our profits a hundred folds.Thus, Artificial Intelligence is not a replacement for human intelligence and ingenuity. Rather, it is a tool in business for maximizing profit and productivity. Its ability to process, analyze, organize, and interpret tones of data faster than the human brain is what sets it apart. For all business-minded individuals, employing the help of AI to further explore and grow their business is the new horizon of making money.It does not matter, the type of business you have or run, artificial intelligence is ;“Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity” Andrew Ng. Artificial Intelligence today is rapidly used as a competitive tool to enhance efficiency. As a new technology, AI is taking the world by surprise and getting mainstream acceptance.Therefore businesses all over the world are in the…

Artificial intelligence (AI) who are its’ creators?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) who are its’ creators? Artificial Intelligence (AI) has infiltrated most fields of life.And it is still taking over many other, we already know that and little do we understand why that is. We conceptualize What Artificial Intelligenceis Exactly, and has seen some of its’ uses. SeeArtificial Intelligence: Getting the best ofGoogle Assistant.See:Everything you should know aboutCortana Microsoft Intelligent Assistant. See:  Siri Virtual Assistant: Everything you should know about Apple’s AI.But we are yet to know who is the father of AI or who is to be considered the father of artificial intelligence.The true father of AI or its creators still eludes us, but not for long.Hold on…AI foundation, history, expansion, growth and development is very rich like all fundamental science and span for more than 50 years!The history of artificial intelligence in computer science has shown that man has always tried to create a machine to think for self. It is, therefore, p…

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